AppCare for Allscripts Users



Allscripts should work for you…not the other way around.

Your organization – and your patients – rely on your Allscripts EHR System. Is your system properly maintained, optimized and ready to perform whenever you need it? Our experts possess a wealth of Allscripts knowledge. From leveraging Allscript’s advantages to understanding its quirks and bugs – whatever challenges you have with your application – we have the answers. And AppCare is the solution!

Download our information sheet to learn more about AppCare's features:

    • Responsive 24/7 unlimited end-user support
    • Streamlined system upgrades and patch management
    • Proactive dictionary maintenance
    • Expert template development, interface and report writing resources
    • Improved workflow optimization for increased adoption

 ....or, give us a call at 866-206-4481 to reach our team!