Thanks for your interest in Security & Compliance. We're happy to provide our latest White Paper entitled, "Technical Best Practices – Risk Mitigation, Data Security, and Regulatory Compliance." Please provide a bit of information about yourself and your organization:


MTS offers a full complement of services to secure your entire IT environment, from devices to applications:

• Compliance Dashboard - Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

• Security Risk Assessment

• Secure Networking

• Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Firewalls

• Encrypted Storage, Backups, and Archives

• HIPAA/HITRUST CSF Certified Cloud

• Vulnerability/Penetration Testing

• Social Engineering and Phishing

• Managed Monitoring Using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

• Audit Support

• 24X7 Security Operation Center (SOC)

• Combining Consulting


The MTS team consists of healthcare experts who can help you reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Rodrigo Ibarra, IT Systems Administrator

Family Health Care Center of Greater Los Angeles